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Industrial bread slicer – bread slicer that slice many loaves of bread per hour

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Domina bread slicers come in many shapes and sizes and enable the user to easily cut uniform slices out of a loaf of bread. Industrial bread slicer is mechanized device that slice many loaves – up to a 1000 – per hour. All the slices are perfectly equal.  Regardless of how complicated these industrial bread slicer machines may look, the modern day table bread slicer is relatively easy to use depending on the model and with a little practice. For counter or table top models, the bread is loaded in a tray located on the top of the machine, the lid is then closed and the device is turned on. After a few seconds, the loaf of bread comes out perfectly sliced and is prepared for wrapping. Choosing the best industrial bread slicer requires comparing the type best suited to your purpose and budget.

Domina bread slicer – professional bread slicer: automatic, semi-automatic, table semi-automatic, trim&cutting bread machine

The advantages of Domina industrial professional bread slicer:

  • inherited tradition of bread slicing production
  • experiance, knowledge and quality
  • European quality certificate (CE certificate)
  • easy cleaning and maintenance
  • maintenance and spare parts are assured

Professional bread slicer Domina has modern design and corresponds to all technical and functional requirements. The use of the machine is safe and simple. The bread slicer blades are made of top quality steel and are sharpened by a sharpening method which enables very long usage of blades and the machine. Choose our bread slicer and you will get the best bread slicer.

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